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Jack Ross Trumpet Review

Trumpet player Jack Ross has been working with us recently on work experience, we asked him to review up-grade trumpets around £1,000-£1,300. These are his thoughts on the Schagerl JM1, Bach VBS1, B&S Challenger 1 and Stomvi S3.

"Hello, my name is Jack and I am 15 years old doing work experience at Prozonemusic shop in Chesham. I am a grade 7 trumpet player and I’m very into Jazz and Big Band music. The shop asked me to write a review on some trumpets that are ranged between £1,000 - £1,300. These trumpets include; the Bach VBS1 Series 1, the Schagerl JM1 James Morrison, the Stomvi S3 and the B&S Challenger II."

Bach VBS1 Series 1

I felt that this trumpet had good valves as they were light and comfortable to use, but I felt that this was the heaviest trumpet (instrument wise) out of the four. This trumpet doesn’t have a case. The shop recommends buying a rosette or a champion trumpet case which are worth about £60. They are light and easy to carry. When playing, it sounded beautifully when played smoothly and expressively. I didn’t think it played as well if you wanted to play loud and/or high notes.

Schagerl JM1 James Morrison

I felt that this instrument was fairly light and comfortable to hold and use. I also felt like this about the valves. Playing wise, it has a nice, clear sound and is fantastic when dynamics are used. When played quietly, it sounds light and sweet but I don’t think it plays as well as the Bach VBS1 at this dynamic. Unlike the VBS1, the JM1 does come with a case which is big enough to put extra equipment like mutes, stands and sheet music in. This can get a bit heavy but the case does come with straps so you can carry it like a rucksack.

B&S Challenger II

I think that this trumpet would suit better for a stronger player as the instrument itself felt quite heavy as were the valves. When played softly, it sounded pretty dead compared to the Bach but sounded excellent when played with force and volume like the James Morrison. Its case is also big enough to put mutes in but again can get a bit heavy.

Stomvi S3

This trumpet I felt was quite light but the valves I feel weren’t as good as the Bach or the James Morrison. Playing wise, it has a nice, clear sound like the James Morrison but I felt that the use of dynamics wasn’t as good. Its case is small, light and easy to carry around which has a pocket where you can put any sheet music or stands.

In conclusion, I decided to go with the Schagerl JM1 James Morrison. I felt that this had the best balance out of the other three. This trumpet was light and comfortable to use and playing wise, the sound was the best for my playing style and the type of music that I’m into. If I was to play a piece of music that was mostly legato with a lot of expression, even though the Bach would be best for the job, the James Morrison would still sound great. The casing would also work out for me as I walk to and from school mostly every day of the week and it would be comfortable to walk with and the instrument would be safe. I would recommend this trumpet to anyone my age."