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Yamaha YEP642II Neo Euphonium - Lacquer


The instrument’s main tube utilizes a new design that maintains adequate resistance, delivers a powerful low range and focused high range, and improves dynamics over the instrument’s entire range. In addition to a matured and comfortable tone, this design offers accurate pitch while delivering greater musical expressiveness.


YEP642II 642 642ii YEP-642II

Key - Bb
Body - Yellow brass
Bell Diameter - 300mm (11&4/5")
Bore Size - 15-16.8mm (0.591"-0.661")
Height - 664mm
Valves - 3 top + 1 side, compensating
Finish - Lacquer
Mouthpiece - SL-51L
Case - Yamaha EPC-63

RRP: £7695.60


Yamaha YEP642II Neo Euphonium - Lacquer

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