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Edwards A265 Alto Trombone


Edwards A265 Alto Trombone. Available via special order only!

The alto trombone can easily be overlooked as a luxury for trombonists. After all, the parts designated "alto trombone" can be performed on small (and even large) bore instruments. However, the timbre achieved with those instruments is never quite right and the composer's intentions may be compromised. Since Edwards does not like to compromise, we offer the A265 Alto Trombone, an instrument that brings together old-world sound concepts with modern construction techniques.

Our 7¾ bell flares are available in a variety of gauges and tempers with soldered or unsoldered rims. In addition, you may choose either yellow or red brass with a clear lacquer finish. Our unsoldered red brass bells, particularly the A175CF, have become very popular over the past few years. These bells can help a player produce a beautiful clear sound with overtones that sparkle.

The A265 slides are available in a .500" single bore with nickel or yellow brass outer slide tubes. As always, the slides use our interchangeable leadpipe system and come with three brass leadpipes. For those customers that visit Elkhorn for a custom fitting, custom leadpipe options are available.

Edwards offers both yellow and red tuning slides. We have found that offsetting the tuning slide and bell alloys has a profound impact on our horns. In other words, if you choose a red bell, we usually recommend a yellow tuning slide and vice versa. However, this is a not a hard and fast rule; every player is unique and some will sound best with matched components.


Edwards A265 Alto Trombone

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