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Warburton Trumpet Top


Rim sizes;

#1 Inside diameter .690" (17.5mm)/Outside Diameter 1.100" (28mm)

#2 Inside diameter .680" (17.25mm)/Outside Diameter 1.090" (27.7mm)

#3 Inside diameter .670" (17mm)/Outside Diameter 1.080" (27.4mm)

#4 Inside diameter .660" (16.75mm)/Outside diameter 1.075" (27.3mm)

#5 Inside diameter .650" (16.5mm)/Outside diameter 1.065" (27mm)

#6 Inside diameter .640 (16.25mm)/Outside diameter 1.060" (26.9mm)

#7 Inside diameter .630 (16mm)/Outside diameter 1.055" (26.8mm)

#8 Inside diameter .620" (15.75mm)/Outside diameter 1.055" (26.8mm)

#9 Inside diameter .610" (15.5mm)/Outside diameter 1.050" (26.7mm)

Cup Depths;

S - A shallow "bowl" shape. Preferred for lead playing and commercial work. Ideal for D, Eb and Piccolo trumpet.

M - Medium depth with a modified "V" style shape. Our M cup design is the most popular because it works well in all playing situations from jazz to symphonic.

MC - Medium "bowl" shape. The MC cups could be the ultimate in bright symphonic sound!

MD - Medium deep "bowl" shape cup that produces a rich, dark, symphonic sound.

XD - This extra deep "V" style cup was designed to give the traditional cornet sound. Herbert L. would be thrilled with this model.

Other sizes and depth's available to order.


Warburton Trumpet Top

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