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Vandoren V16 Alto Mouthpiece Ebonite


The V16 mouthpiece is inspired by the sound of the greatest jazzmen from the fifties to the present. Java, V16 and ZZ reeds are recommended for these mouthpieces.

The alto mouthpiece is available in 5 tip openings and two chambers

S Small chamber : Particularly focused and dynamic, ideal for lead alto.

M Medium chamber : Warm and expressive, ideal for section playing

A5 The tip opening prefered by history's greatest jazz soloists

A6 The most played mouthpiece in every style

A7 The perfect balance in power and dynamic range

A8 An open mouthpiece with qualities similar  to the A5

A9 Powerful and expressive


V16 Alto front
Vandoren V16 Alto Mouthpiece Ebonite
V16 Alto side
V16 Alto face

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