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Eclipse Enigma Trumpet - Silver (Special Offer)


The Eclipse Enigma has been developed as a traditionally tuned Bb trumpet with a reverse tuning slide. The Enigma offers superb intonation and feel, as well as all new bells to offer greater flexibility to our customers. It is available with all of our bell, water key, lead pipe and finish options. You will find that a lot more of your energy passes through the instrument rather than into it, creating a pure blow with greater projection – without the extra effort.

I have worked with many players over the years with the development of the Eclipse Bb trumpet range, but the involvement of Noel Langley in our early days gave us a fantastic player and test pilot who certainly helped to save us many hundreds of hours in development. 13 years later Noel is still here with us and as passionate as ever about the company and it’s products.

Bore size: .460"
Yellow Brass Interchangeable leadpipe system
Squared tuning slide
2 lead pipes
Traditional water keys
Stainless steel valves
127mm/5" No.4 bell

RRP: £2895.00


WAS £2430.00

Eclipse Enigma Trumpet - Silver (Special Offer)
EE overview
EE valve block
EE Leadpipe
EE Tuning slide
EE Valves

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