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Azumi AZ Z1

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Handcut Altus Z-cut silver-plated headjoint with .925 solid lip-plate and riser

Silver-plated body and mechanism

Available with closed or open holes at the same price

Offset G key, Split E mechanism,

French style Pointed key-arms

Available with C footjoint or B footjoint

Includes case, cleaning accessories and plush-lined case cover

The Azumi Z series is designed for easy articulation, powerful and precise focus of tone. The Z series is particularly popular with flute students due to the easy and responsive articulation and simple focus of tone this instrument provides. Rapid achievements are possible on these flutes, allowing for the important elements of fun and motivation to shine through. The flutes are also highly recommended when a strong presence of tone is required.

The ALTUS skala

On his ambitious musical journey Tanaka encountered the London-based flute player William Bennett. Their shared interests in music, culture and flute making developed into a friendship and close collaboration. This partnership led to the development of the ALTUS and AZUMI scales, an integral part of these extraordinary instruments.


Azumi AZ Z1
Azumi Z! lip plate
Azumi Z1 body
Azumi Z1 foot

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