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Stork Custom Bass Trombone Mouthpiece


The Custom Series line of trombone mouthpieces evolved out of the work we have done over the past 35 years for leading symphonic and commercial players.


BT 5 - The overall cup volume for this mouthpiece is closest to that of a Bach 5G, however the throat area is more opened making this more of a “V” shaped design. The “V” shape can add a hint of brightness to the tone. This rim has a bit of flatness to the top and is very rounded on the bite. It is known for its extreme level of comfort.

Cup diameter: .997"/25.3mm
Bore size (standard): 7.04mm
Outer diameter: 39.4mm
Cup Depth:33.37mm

BT 1.5 - The cup on this model is a variation on the 1.25 – the throat area is tighter and adds a level of control. The rim has a traditional contour with the high point towards the bite gradually sloping off.

Cup diameter: 1.087″ or 27.61mm
bore size (standard): 7.37mm
Outer diameter: 39.3mm
Cup Depth:36.5mm

BT 1.25 - Shallower than the #1 with a unique blending of cup shape and depth. The bottom (or ledge) is quite high for a large mouthpiece, but the throat area opens up to provide quick response and great flexibility while still providing a large sound. The rim is slightly thinner than our other models with a crisp bite.

Cup diameter: 28.35 mm
bore size (standard): 7.5mm
Outer diameter: 40.4mm
Cup Depth:36.8mm

BT 1 - This is our largest model. The internal dimensions of this mouthpiece are so large that it is only offered on the heavy blank.

Cup diameter: 1.123 or 28.524 mm
bore size (standard): 8.03mm
Outer diameter: 40.5mm
Cup Depth:38.9mm


Stork Custom Bass Trombone Mouthpiece

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