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Vincent Bach 183 Stradivarius Flugel Horn - Lacquer


Bach Stradivarius Flugel Horn in lacquer finish

A traditional design that still holds a key following today. For those that play and enjoy the Bach Strad trumpet, this flugel has many of the same attributes, the one piece hand hammered bell creates all the lovely overtones you asscociate with the Bach sound. It will feel very familiar to Bach trumpet players and so is entirley suited to doubling work. The medium bore ensures the flugel is nimble and suitable for all styles and registers. It's sound is not as dark as some other flugels, for those wishing for a very warm or dark sound have a look at the Conn Vintage one or Stomvi Elite with Copper bell.


Model 183 in lacquer. 

401" medium Bore.

third valve trigger.

one piece hand hammered bell.

monel pistons.

leather bound stradivarius hardcase

Bach mouthpiece


Vincent Bach 183 Stradivarius Flugel Horn - Lacquer

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