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Yamaha YFH8310Z 'Bobby Shew' Flugel Horn - Lacquer


The Yamaha Z combines the tonal richness and depth of character of the older traditional flugels with the playability and superb intonation made possible by high-tech engineering. Inspired by legendary artist Bobby Shew, the Z features the perfect amount of air resistance to let you colour your sound exactly the way you want to. A versatile instrument, this instrument is so easy to play in the upper register, you'll forget you're playing a flugel! Complete with a special 'Bobby Shew' signature mouthpiece this perfectly balances and complements the Z.


- New One-Piece Valve Casing Design

- The new screw threads have been altered for improved handling of top and bottom caps. The heavier material ensures a solid playing feel.

- New Leadpipe Screw. It is now yellow brass and heavier than previous models. The hollow barrel-shape offers better tonal definition imporiving playability and note production. The use of brass gives a traditional sound and playability.

RRP: £3414.00


Yamaha 8310Z 'Bobby Shew' Flugel Horn - Lacquer

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