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Theo Wanne AMBIKA 3 Hard Rubber Tenor Mouthpiece


The AMBIKA 3 has a full bodied sound reminiscent of the vintage 1940’s mouthpieces, but with much improved projection, ease of play, and dynamics.The Shark Gill Baffle™ works on the physics principle of ‘boundary layer effect’ pulling the airstream closer to the floor.   This allows one to ‘fill’ the mouthpiece more, resulting in increased dynamics.  The True Large Chamber is far more accurately produced than any other vintage or new mouthpieces due to superior machining, which means the design is exactly as Theo intended it to be. The Hard Rubber AMBIKA uses real vintage style hard rubber which is similar to the vintage mouthpieces of the 1940s-50s, and its new thin body allows the premium hard rubber to fully resonate,so if you love the vintage sound this will feel like a sound straight from the classic era but with modern playability.


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