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GR 66SB Trumpet Mouthpiece (Ex Display)


GR 66SB trumpet mouthpiece, silver plated. Has taken a fall onto carpet instore and has a very small ripple on the bottom of the shank and a slight flat spot on the outside of the rim. The shank is straight and top of rim are fine, damage is cosmetic. Otherwise brand new.


The GR 66 Series cup diameter is similar to a conventional 3 diameter. The 66M is a very popular choice for 3C players looking for more core in their sound with more secure articulations.

SB -
#1 Backbore, GR Classic Blank. Medium alpha angle for added chop room. "High Compression" throat entrance. Balanced throat length and diameter.
"For those of you who can not tolerate a shallower cup and higher alpha angle, these are the ultimate lead and commercial mouthpieces.
Crisp articulations, full low register, amazingly easy upper register are some of the benefits of the S-B design. The S-B Series is specifically designed for players who require the additional chop room to prevent bottoming out."

RRP: £215.00


WAS £193.50

66s-b demo

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