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Yamaha YTR8330EM 'Eric Miyashiro' Bb Trumpet


Eric Miyashiro working closely with Yamaha technicians has developed an all new refined version of the 8340EM. The power and response of the original is retained while completely revamping the vital valve casing at the instrument’s core. Each part has been carefully re-examined and refined as necessary to improve  high-register playability and overall control.

New design leadpipe & mouthpiece receiver;
Thanks to just the right amount of playing resistance, high notes are easier to reach and overall control is notably improved.

Step bore design;
There has been a bore style change from multi to step bore (ML) design for the new generation.* The main tuning slide has an L bore, the valve slides have an ML bore, and the pistons have an M bore. This helps to maintain smooth, optimum playability and tonal consistency when all three valves are open or fingered in any combination throughout the instrument's range.

Main tuning slide brace;
A unique tuning slide brace shape that reduces resistance when compared to conventional braces evens out resonance by minimizing variations in playing feel and resistance. The position of the brace has also been revised in the new model, to achieve optimum overall playability.

Phospor bronze parts;
Phosphor Bronze parts making the instruments very much reactive to what the player is giving to the instrument – like adding the extra sizzle playing in loud dynamics but as well offering more depth and full sound while playing soft. For the player it feels like being really good connected to the instrument and adding harmonic richness to the sound.

EM1 MK2 Mouthpiece;
The mouthpiece has also been redesigned for optimum matching with the YTR-8330EM. A slighter larger outer diameter and more weight provide a clearer high register that is easier to play as well as enhanced tone and improved playability throughout the instrument’s range.


134.4mm (5 1/4") one-piece yellow brass bell
French bead, side seam
New engraving logo
Two-piece valve block
Medium-large step bore
Newly designed reversed leadpipe with heavyweight receiver
Redisgned main tuning slide with Eric's custom stay set
Xeno custom finger buttons
Phosphor bronze bottom caps and retain screw
New Eric Miyashiro EM1-MK2 mouthpiece
Custom Miyashiro gigbag

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