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D'Addario Venn Alto Sax Reed


The D'Addario Venn alto saxophone reed is one of the most complex synthetic reeds on the market. By understanding the organic structure of cane, D'Addario have perfectly replicated the tone of an organic reed with all the benefits of a synthetic reed. D'Addario started by reverse engineering organic cane. They perfectly matched the structural nature of cane with polymer fibres and layered them with resin and natural cane particles. The result is this - a reed with the sound and performance of cane, but the consistency and reliability of a synthetic design.

Advanced materials mimic real cane

Venn reeds are a compound of three different elements: resin, cane particles, and polymer fibres. The polymer fibres provide Venn reeds with natural flexibility which is uncommon with synthetic reeds. It also provides a response and articulation which is similar to cane reeds. The cane particles and resin mixture is what makes Venn special. By having cane particles a part of the structure, Venn can mimic the warm and natural tone of a traditional reed. Add the resin to enhance the durability and longevity, and you have one of the best synthetic reeds on the market.


Just like traditional reeds

The D'Addario Venn reeds are able to last about 3-6 months making them more cost efficient when compared to cane reeds. If you are familiar with premium cane reed strengths then the strengths of these reeds will be similar to the Venns. They are able to be cleaned like normal reeds with appropriately diluted alcohol based cleaners or mild soap and water. For players who prefer to modify their reeds, these can be filed and sanded if you wish, although D'Addario recommends you bear in mind that the reeds may respond to modifications differently than to cane.


D'Addario Venn Alto Sax Reed
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