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Eclipse Leadpipe (For Eclipse Enigma Bb Trumpet)


Eclipse Leadpipe (For Eclipse Enigma Bb Trumpet)

The O pipe is the middle of the road pipe, comparable to the Bach 25 pipe on a standard Bach 37 trumpet.

To the right of the O pipe the 2O, 4O, and 6O get progressively more open which will give more warmth and roundness of sound, maybe a little more richness and character as you go up to the most open 6O pipe. As you go up through this series slightly more air is required to drive the horn (but these are slight increments). The 2O, 4O and 6O have been a popular with both jazz players and those who use a lot of air that generally find standard trumpet leadpipes too resistant.

As you move to the left of the O pipe the 2T and 4T get progressively tighter or more resistant. These pipes are popular with lead and orchestral players who want a little more edge and response in their play. These pipes will make the instrument more responsive with less amounts of air required.

Gold plated leadpipes available via special order. 



Eclipse Leadpipe (For Eclipse Enigma Bb Trumpet)

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