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Edwards 2001 Bullet Brace (Edwards/Getzen/Conn)


We now offer two versions of the Bullet Brace in order to accommodate more trombone models. The BB2001 fits Edwards, Getzen and most Shires trombones. However, we have not tested it on the Shires TruBore instruments. The Bullet Brace is a descendant from our Stegeman bar, which has been in existence for six years. These items came into being from the requests of many players that wanted left arm relief from the many hours they were spending holding their instruments. The Stegeman bar is an "L" shaped brace that is soldered onto the receiver of the valve section. This brace helps redistribute the weight of the horn to the bigger lower muscles of the left arm. By redistributing the weight the bar takes the tension off of the smaller upper muscles in the wrist region. Many people get an imprint in the fleshy part of their left hand from the weight of their horn. The Bullet Brace and Stegeman bar eliminate these pressures and relieve discomfort that can occur from holding the instrument over a long period of time.


Edwards 2001 Bullet Brace (Edwards/Getzen/Shires)

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