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Rath R900 Bass Trombone Bb/F/D/Gb

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The Rath R00 series of trombones bridges the gap between student level instruments and our custom, modular, hand crafted instruments. Everything that Michael Rath knows about designing and producing trombones has been utilized in creating a series of trombones that are elegant in their simplicity yet economically attainable.

We’ve taken the most successful modular combinations for the Rath R10, R4F and R9 models and created a range of non-modular instruments - the R100 (Bb medium bore 0.500"), R400 (Bb/F large bore 0.547") and R900 (Bb/F/Gb independent valves 0.562").


9.5" yellow brass bell
0.562 yellow brass handslide
Compact hardshell case with nylon cover

The 00 series is ideal those looking to get their first professional level trombone without entering the world of customization. This range has all the expert knowledge and design from professional custom maker Mick Rath at an extraordinary price.


Rath 900 series Bass Trombone Bb/F/D/Gb

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