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Bach Elkhart 100TR Trumpet - Lacquer


Good quality from a respected manufacturer of pro-trumpets. Not to be confused with other student trumpets at this price range. This is a REAL instrument that is perfectly capable of taking a player potentially up to and including grade 5. Case and mouthpiece included. Everything you need to get blowing. Renewed in 2021, this new edition Elkhart trumpet has many small upgrades helping the instrument to perform to a higher level and also features a new style shaped, deluxe case.

While on work experience pro player Ben wrote a review of our three best selling student level trumpets. Here's what he said about the 100TR;

Bach Elkhart TR100

Case – Similar to the Legende in size and shape this case offers excellent protection for an even smaller price tag. It feels more professionally put together than its competition and is more aesthetically pleasing. The combination of wood and foam means it can take a beating without damaging the instrument to the biggest extent out of the three.

Quality – As the cheapest instrument the quality of engineering is probably the least prestigious, however this is not to say it is bad. The slides and vales feel like the Legende, however, details such as the absence of valve felts and slightly weak screws and fittings let the overall instrument down. I think this is a perfect instrument for beginner trumpet players to allow them to fall in love with the instrument and music.

Playing – A gold brass lead pipe gives a darker tone and a beautiful appearance. Apart from this, the Bach is similar to the Legende as it excels in the lower to middle register and deadens towards the top. Once again, this is not necessarily a mark against the Bach as younger student swill not play to this level, but it’ll mean the trumpet might need replacing sooner than the Yamaha for example.

Overall – A very pleasing trumpet at the lower end of the student range. Perfect for beginners, you get the quality instrument at an affordable price with the prestigious ‘Bach’ name.


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Bach Elkhart 100TR Trumpet - Lacquer

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