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B&S 3116/2-S Challenger Eb/D Trumpet - Silver

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A fab Eb/Dtrumpet from B&S. Modelled on the classic Schilke E3L, this trumpet combines great intonation, playability and sound. A little bigger and darker sounding than the Schilke, this will suit a player looking to use the instrument in the orchestra as well as on the solo platform, Eb and D bells, Eb and D slide sets. double case. Silver Plate.

Possibly the best Eb/D trumpet I have ever played belonged to a student I was teaching and it was a B&S 3116 trumpet. It combined the ease of play and perfect intonation found on the Schilke E3L but with a fatter, more orchestral sound. This makes for a winning combnination in my book. I own a Schilie E3L and would never change or sell it but on aoccaision the sound is lacking depth and is noticebale lighter than a Bb or C trumpet limiting the repertoire in which it can be used. The B&S sound colour is certaily more verastile allowing the player to use it in more modern repertoire. I have also played a B&S Eb/D that was less good, so I recommend players test the trumpet plrior to purchase as they can be a bit variable.....

Will Watson

Owner - Prozone Music.

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B&S 3116/2-S Challenger Eb/D Trumpet - Silver

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