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Yamaha YCR2330 Bb Cornet - Lacquer (Special Offer)

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Yamaha medium Large bore student cornet, great build quality and the best playing of the student models. There is more capacity for a full tone and first and third valve shunts. The intonation is superb. Outfit includes case and mouthpiece. Lacquer finish.

Medium weight design     
Bell Diameter - 119.0mm (4-2/3")         
Bell Material - Two piece Yellow brass     
Medium-Large bore 11.65mm (0.459")
Mouthpiece - CR-11E4        

While this is Yamaha's entry level student model, we find this far superior to most offerings from the other manufacturers. The 2330 is robust, well designed and makes a great sound. So much so, we rarely talk about the YCR4330 cornet!

RRP: £711.50


Yamaha YCR2330 Student Cornet - Lacquer

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