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Yamaha YCL255 Bb Clarinet


The 255 is the latest student model Bb clarinet from Yamaha. These make for a perfect starter instrument, rivalling the Buffet Prodige on quality, tone and tuning.

The YCL-255 combines state-of-the-art production expertise with high-end Yamaha clarinet features. The result is an outstanding entry-level instrument that delivers a warm, resonant tone that is remarkably similar to that of a wood clarinet. It features an ABS resin body with a matte finish that imitates that of a wood clarinet and an adjustable thumb-rest with a neck strap ring that allows for even those with small hands to easily hold the instrument.



New adjustable thumb-rest and strap ring - A new adjustable thumb-rest accommodates different sized hands helping the player develop proper playing technique. In addition, a strap ring allows for the instrument to be held without extra effort. Firmer screws and a silver soldered ring give this new feature excellent durability.

Newly redesigned bell - A new bell made only of solid and durable ABS resin plastic results in a lighter instrument with improved response. A resonance chamber in the bell aids in projection and improves intonation in lower notes.

Barrel design - A 65mm barrel based on high-end Yamaha clarinet designs produces a focused tone.

Matte finish - The attractive matte finish simulates the actual grain of wood while providing the added durability of ABS resin plastic.

RRP: £668.40


Yamaha YCL255S Bb Clarinet
255 case

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