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Yamaha YAS62S Alto Saxophone - Silver

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Already a legend, the “62” attained the love and respect of a wide range of players for its highly reliable performance and outstanding quality. It owes its success to a group of dedicated designers with great vision, and highly skilled craftsmen performing their work with an extraordinary level of devotion, perfection, and passion.


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Auxiliary Keys - High F#, Front F
Key buttons material - Polyester
Bell Decoration - Hand-engraved
Thumb hook - Adjustable
Key - Eb
Mouthpiece - AS4C

A slightly narrower bore provides a faster response and greater control. The new 62 style neck allows a comfortable flow of air so that every player can attain a solid tonal core.
Integrating the multiple key posts onto a single plate makes the<

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Yamaha YAS62S Alto Saxophone - Silver

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