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Yamaha YSS875EXHG Custom Soprano Saxophone


Yamaha YSS875EXHG Custom Soprano Saxophone with High G key


Soprano saxophone players usually need to play higher tone than regular range. Most players play these as flageolets, but it needed high technique and the intonation is instable. To solve the problem, usually 'a high G key' helps to play. Then, Yamaha finally completed the YSS-875EX with the key and no change for functional mechanism of the original EX model. It is generally said that soprano saxophone with high G key has intonation concern. But studying about the intonation thoroughly, we realized stability of intonation.

Key - Bb
Body - Gold lacquer finish
Auxiliary Keys - High F# & G , front F
Key buttons material - Mother of pearl
Hand engraved bell         
Pivot Screw - Tapered with bullet head
Adjustable thumb hook    


Yamaha YSS875EXHG Custom Soprano Saxophone

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