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Bach L551 Commercial Trumpet Mouthpiece


New range of trumpet mouthpieces from Vincent Bach, aimed at the commercial/lead style player. 

Two different cup designs; Shallow (S) Cup or Modified (V) Cup
3S - 16.64mm cup
3MV - 16.87mm cup
5S - 16.31mm cup
5MV - 16.54mm cup
7S - 16.00mm cup
7MV - 16.23mm cup
10.5S - 15.11mm cup
10.5MV - 15.34mm cup
#56 Back Bore
#27 (.144”) Throat
Modified comfort rim with a fatter top
Rim sizes; 3/5/7/10.5

Key - Bb,
.504” bore
Rose brass leadpipe
8 3/8” yellow brass upright bell
Top spru

£ 92.00

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