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Bach LT190S1B Commercial/Studio Trumpet - Silver


Bach LT190S1B Commercial/Studio Trumpet - Silver

A new exciting model from Juggernaut maker Vincent Bach. This trumpet has brand new features such as a new specification of bell not previously made by Bach, modified #43 leadpipe and valve group weighting. This makes it very different to any Bach trumpets seen before, proving highly successful with commercial trumpet players. The LT190S1B has a bright sizzling sound with depth of sound expected from Bach trumpets. The first Bach model to rival the likes of the Yamaha LA, Bobby shew and other industry standard commercial trumpets. A must try!




459” medium-large bore
5" lightweight bronze bell with flat "French Bead" bell rim
Lightweight body tubing with brass outer and nickel inner tubing
Two-piece valve casing with Bronze baluster
Forward facing second valve slide
Modified #43 leadpipe
Amado waterkeys on the third slide and main tuning slide
1st and 3rd slide rings
pin style third slide stop assembly
Supplied with two tuning slides:- D shaped traditional and rounded Silver plate
Mouthpiece and case



Bach LT190S1B Commercial/Studio Trumpet - Silver

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