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Bach Strad R180S43 'London' Trumpet - Silver


Bach Stradivarius R180S43 Custom 'London' model Bb trumpet. This strad features a reversed leadpipe while using the standard weight body that the regular leadpipe models use. This results in a full bodied feel and sound. Great for those who like the free blowing reversed leadpipe but with core of sound from the standard weight models.

Bach Stradivarius Bb trumpets are still the most popular choice worldwide. Equally at home in the symphony orchestra, wind band, brass ensemble or big band the Strad trumpet has something to offer every player.  Recent investment at the factory means we are seeing Bach trumpets in store of the highest possible standard. Still hand made to a large degree, variation occurs but in a positive way.  No longer are you trying Bach trumpets to make sure you get a "good one", they're all good! Now try a few out to get your perfect trumpet. Famous for that "Bach sound" various options are available.

The R180S43 has a reversed lead pipe and 43 bell. This means the lead pipe goes into the tuning slide rather than the tuning slide into the lead pipe as is found on a standard lead pipe. This makes for a smoother transition for the air and reduced turbulence and resistance in the tube. Generally it is more free blowing. The 43 bell is a popular choice along with the 37 bell, it has a quicker bell taper than the 37 bell flaring earlier and less drastically towards the bell rim. This makes for a darker and warmer sound with great projection.


A few words below from Gareth Small, Principal Trumpet of the Halle Orchestra and busy session musician, regarding his Bach trumpets. A new delivery of London Model Bach trumpets has just arrived at Prozone Music. So drop in and try one for yourself. Gareth purchased both his trumpets from Prozone Music and has kindly given the following review;


"I own both a Bach LRS180ML43G and a RS180ML43GH “London Model” Trumpet.

They are both fantastic instruments. I use the lighter bodied 43 for chamber music, commercial sessions, London Brass and solo work. It’s free blowing, nimble and you don’t have to push very hard get a bright lively sound.

The “London Model” was developed with the free blowing reverse lead pipe, a standard weight body and bell. This combination gives you greater projection, core, depth and complexity to the sound. It will easily fit into any trumpet section. In my opinion ideal for all types of musical situations.

I’d recommend the “London Model” to anyone who requires a standard weight trumpet with the free blowing characteristics of a reverse lead pipe.

The “Hallé Model” R180ML43GH I use in the orchestra is for the trumpeter who wants a sound with plenty of core. It has the same features as the R180ML43G London model but with a heavyweight bell. When played quietly the instrument has a beautiful rich dark tone. The Heavy Gold 43 bell will light up in the louder dynamics with fantastic clarity, depth and projection."


Gareth Small


Features: R180S43

Silver plate finish

Hand hammered one piece 43 bell

".459" medium large bore

Reversed #25 lead pipe

Monel pistons

Standard weight body

New style Stradivarius case

Bach mouthpiece

RRP: £4624.99


Bach Strad R180S43 'London' Trumpet - Silver

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