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Buffet 400 Series Alto Saxophone


This saxophone is a solid intermediate model. It is provided with a midnight blue gig bag case. It has double cups on the Bb, B and C keys. There is beautiful engravings on the keys. If you like a bit more resistance from your sax then this is worth consideration. Overall it has a darker sound but perhaps lacks a little in dynamic flexibility, that said it is a good intermediate horn depending on your playing style.

The 400 series, meticulously hand-engraved, is designed for the advanced student as well as for the professional saxophonist. This range is available in either antique brass/matt or goldlaquer finish. Excellent homogenity and beautiful intonation are the main characteristics of the 400 series. An exceptional response in the upper and lower registers provides an ideal combination of qualities either for jazz or classical.


  • BC8401-1 : Yellow brass with gold lacquer finish
  • BC8401-4 : Yellow brass with antique matte finish
  • Key: Eb
  • Engraving: Hand engraving on key cups, bell, bow, body and neck
  • Double arms: On low C, B, Bb
  • Features: Ribbed construction
  • Finish: Clear lacquer or matte
  • Key buttons: Simulated mother of pearl
  • Pads: Leather wtih metal resonators


Buffet 400 Series Alto Saxophone - Matt Lacquer (Special Offer)
Buffet 400 antique bell
Buffet 400 antique bell 2
Buffet 400 Gold
Buffet 400 Gold 2
Buffet 400 Gold 3

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