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Buffet E12F Clarinet


Buffet E12F Bb student clarinet. ""

Strong points:

-Good quality leather pads ensure an air tight seal over the hole.

-The E12F is made from carefully selected and stabilised grenadilla wood.

-The wood is covered in a colourless stain to help prevent cracks and scratches.

-Has a great sound for it's price range.



Key - Bb
Pitch - 442hz
Body - Unstained African Blackwood, treated and stained for optimal protection
Bore - Concept developed with Buffet Crampon expertise
Keys - 17
Rings - 6
Thumb Rest - Adjustable, enabling the use of a neck strap
Keywork Finish - Silver plate
Keywork and Mecanic - Forged, copper plated then silver plated as for prestige
Springs - Blue steel for ease and accuracy of key movement
Pads - Leather
Pillars - Screwed


Key - Bb,
.504” bore
Rose brass leadpipe
8 3/8” yellow brass upright bell
Top spru


WAS £1103.10

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