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JoyKey Waterkey

ProZone Insight

A proven, intelligent and highly beneficial solution for eliminating water build up from your brass/wind Instrument!

Because the JoyKey PREVENTS water buildup, you always have the full resonance potential of your instrument at your disposal. Having the exact same tapers to play on 100% of the time takes all of the guess work out of accurately and reliably hitting notes. This very effectively eliminates gurgling and any dampening effect the water otherwise has. So does the JoyKey change the response? No, it PREVENTS water buildup from changing the response.

The JoyKey prevents water from accumulating inside your instrument. Water buildup is constantly changing the shape of the inside tapers, especially in the critical lead-pipe area. This in turn plays havoc with the positioning of the nodal points of the sound waves. I am in awe of the brain’s ability to compensate for these constant and unpredictable changes, reacting in milliseconds to produce the desired pitch and intonation. In the 21st century that is an unnecessary brain drain. The JoyKey automatic water drainage system, because it PREVENTS water accumulation and buildup, guarantees stable, reliable tapers. So the change that the JoyKey brings is actually a constant.

Warning: It is critical to make sure that the JoyKey is installed at the lowest mean point on the tubing BECAUSE gravity only pulls the water downward.

1) Find and mark the lowest postion on the section of tubing to be drained.
2) Solder the base of the JoyKey onto the tubing.
2) Drill a 4mm hole (the same size as for the “normal” manually operated water keys that have been in use for over a hundred years).
3) Insert the WaterWick filter (making sure the short end goes into the hole)
4) Check that the O-ring in the cap is properly seated.
5) Screw the cap on.
6) Finished and ready for work!


The JoyKey automatically drains the water, allowing you more time playing and less time worring about that gurgle!



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