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KGU Trumpet Mouthpiece Booster - Classic


KGUBrass appreciates the personal style of each musician that is why we have developed six elegant and prominent finishes for our boosters. We’ve put all our efforts and expertise to develop the finest trumpet accessories taking into account the need of every musician – from a creative trumpet enthusiast to a professional Jazz performer.


CLASSIC Trumpet mouthpiece booster is the golden mean in terms of weight, geometry, and design which allows to gain characteristics of MEGATONE with a favorite standard mouthpiece. This booster meets expectations both of skilled trumpet performers who would like to emphasize their individual style and players who only take first steps in music. Best-selling booster.


Compatible with most popular standard mouthpiece models. (Bach, Yamaha, Schilke, Getzen, etc.)
Does not match Heavy/Megatone mouthpieces!


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