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Pearl PFP 105E Piccolo

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The Pearl Piccolo PFP-105 was the culmination of years of exploration and research into the creation of a truly revolutionary material – Grenaditte. Precise pitch, an exquisite tone, and a spacious dynamic range are all to be found within this truly innovative instrument. Grenaditte echoes all the positive qualities of wood in appearance, weight, density, and feel. Unlike wood, Grenaditte is impervious to shock, temperature, and moisture fluctuation. Since its launch in 2006, the PFP 105e has been a popular choice with esteemed professional players and music industry experts the world over.

The design of the Pearl PFP-105E piccolo is based on the legendary Hans Reiner piccolos, which are sought by professional players the world over. This Pearl model produces a well-centred sound with good intonation and is so good that many professional


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