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Schilke E3L Eb/D Trumpet - Silver

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Since its inception, the E3L has been the benchmark of comparison for virtually all other Eb/D trumpets in the marketplace. Favored by nearly every major orchestral musician and soloist throughout the world, the E3L offers balanced resistance, outstanding intonation and an even feel in all registers.

A popular option for the E3L is the “Beryllium” bell for both Eb & D. This bell option offers an even quicker response and improved projection.


D bell and slides.
Medium bore .450" (11.42mm)
Medium 4.5" (114.30mm) yellow brass bells. (One Eb, one D)

The E3L has been the benchmark for comparison for virtually all other Eb trumpets in the marketplace .The tuning bell construction helps provide a balanced resistance and outstanding pitch. This instrument is the favored choice of nearly every major or


WAS £4600.00

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