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Schilke E3L4 Eb Trumpet - Silver


Schilke E3L4 Eb Trumpet - Silver

The Schilke E3L4 is an orchestral style Eb trumpet. The bigger bell and design produce a sound similar to a Bb or C trumpet. The additional 4th valve allows the player to access additional low notes down to pedal C. The combination of bigger sound and increased low register makes the E3L4 an ideal substitute for Bb and C trumpet repertoire.

"Built in Eb only, this model possesses a dark, full-bodied sound that blends well with other winds and has superior projection.  Extremely versatile, this Eb is ideal for large ensemble and symphonic performance.  The additional fourth valve adds a lower fourth to the trumpet’s range." - Schilke


M Bore – (.450”/11.42mm)
ML Bell – (5.00”/114.30mm) Yellow Brass Tuning Bell with #2 Taper in Eb


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