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SeleS par Henri Selmer, Presence Bb Clarinet


Henri SELMER Paris unveils its new brand in Seles, a new model named clarinet - Presence
With its innovative drills, this clarinet delivers unique acoustic qualities and is defined by ease of play and show, accompanied by an exceptional homogeneity.

The sound of the Presence clarinet allies timbre and harmonic richness, key features, the origin of the name of the instrument.

Similarly, our research on the position and shape of the holes band give this clarinet a scale unmatched accuracy. Designed especially key, as well as new directions of Arms and provide some key mechanical incomparable precision and a sense of comfort response

Raw ebony is selected, carefully worked, naturally treated, painted and waterproofed for protection and a premium finish. This clarinet is equipped with Valentino pads, appreciated by many clarinetists and recommended by experienced repairers for their sealing qualities, stability and durability.

  • Key: Bb & A
  • Universal Scale: 440-442 Hz
  • Barrel: 66.5 mm
  • Keywork silver or nickel silver, choice
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Valentino pads
  • Ebonite Mouthpiece Henri Selmer Paris | C85 120 with Ligature and Cap
  • Seles case


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