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Stomvi Elite Trumpet (HE Model) - Silver


Stomvi Elite Trumpet with Harmonic Kit - Silver Plate


Medium large bore trumpet Silver plate with gold trim. You could find a little more weight in the trumpet gives it more depth in the sound whilst retaining the brightness. A fantastic entry to Stomvi's pro-range. 


Stomvi Harmonic sound bottom caps have a resonance chamber creating a unique harmonic characteristic that can increase response and playability.

Stomvi Harmonic Sound kit can enhance the performance characteristics of your instrument with increased resonance allowing the player more dynamic expression. Better connectivity, response, and slotting along with improved sound make the Harmonic Stomvi an excellent replacement for standard bottom caps.

"Prozone says: Whilst this seems like a gimmick it really does work! We have found people choosing the Elite with Harmonic kit over the regular model's and has increased the popularity of this model. Available in store to try!"


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