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Stomvi Titan '5220' C Trumpet - Silver (Special Offer)


At Stomvi, by incorporating the principals of acoustic science and decades of experience, we have designed and developed instruments that are easier to play.  Using high tech machinery in harmony with old world craftsmanship, our trumpets are extremely well in tune and have full resonant sounds.

The Stomvi Titán trumpets have a powerful, round, strong and deep sound, yet subtle and balanced.  The Titán offer a quick response, clean articulation and registers, providing clear crisp attacks.

Among the Stomvi designs, the Titán range is defined by its line based on tradition and characterized by its big, powerful sound, but in constant evolution.

The Stomvi Titán are multipurpose trumpets, particularly suitable for Orchestra, Symphonic band, Commercial music and Classical and Jazz solos.

The accessories developed by the Stomvi´s research team enable the Titán trumpets to produce a rich sound, giving a greater volume to the harmonics.  This way they improve the intonation to a level that brings it closer to the colors of the flute, the oboe or even the human voice sound.

Bore: L (11.76mm/0.463")
Bell: #23 (120mm/4.72")
?Lead pipe: #1
Bells material: Bellfle
Tuning slide: Reversed square
Valves material: Monel
Valves section: Yellow brass
Trim kit: Nickel silver
Finger buttons: Onyx
Finish: Silver plated 1000 thousandth

RRP: £3249.23


WAS £2924.32

Stomvi Titan C Trumpet - Silver

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