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Warburton Trumpet Top


Rim sizes;

#1 Inside diameter .690" (17.5mm)/Outside Diameter 1.100" (28mm)

#2 Inside diameter .680" (17.25mm)/Outside Diameter 1.090" (27.7mm)

#3 Inside diameter .670" (17mm)/Outside Diameter 1.080" (27.4mm)

#4 Inside diameter .660" (16.75mm)/Outside diameter 1.075" (27.3mm)

#5 Inside diameter .650" (16.5mm)/Outside diameter 1.065" (27mm)

#6 Inside diameter .640 (16.25mm)/Outside diameter 1.060" (26.9mm)

#7 Inside diameter .630 (16mm)/Outside diameter 1.055" (26.8mm)

#8 Inside diameter .620" (15.75mm)/Outside diameter 1.055" (26.8mm)

#9 Inside diameter .610" (15.5mm)/Outside diameter 1.050" (26.7mm)

Cup Depths;

S - A shallow "bowl" shape. Preferred for lead playing and commercial work. Ideal for D, Eb and Piccolo trumpet.

M - Medium depth with a modified "V" style shape. Our M cup design is the most popular because it works well in all playing situations from jazz to symphonic.

MC - Medium "bowl" shape. The MC cups could be the ultimate in bright symphonic sound!

MD - Medium deep "bowl" shape cup that produces a rich, dark, symphonic sound.

XD - This extra deep "V" style cup was designed to give the traditional cornet sound. Herbert L. would be thrilled with this model.

Other sizes and depth's available to order.

£ 108.00

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