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Yamaha Chicago C Trumpet 9445CHSE04 - Silver


This is the new model of the celebrated Yamaha Chicago C trumpet with some minor changes that have made a major difference. Made in conjunction with the same design team and players, Yamaha have produced probably the best C trumpet on planet earth. If there was a criticism of its predecessor it would be that it was a little light in sound and lacked the body for full on symphony repertoire. When played along side each other the new model clearly has more depth and weight to its sound. The new model has retained the well liked features of the older model (clear, precise tuning and note slots) with some fantastic advances too.


The subtle but fundamental changes are as follows;

New bell design:-

The newly designed bell is narrower toward the pistons and has a squared-corner, U-shaped crook that provides the performer with optimal resistance. This results in a richer sound with a strong tonal core that improves upper register playability. The wall thickness gradually tapers, thinning as it gets closer to the rim. The flat rim helps hold sound together even at extreme dynamic ranges.


Utilizing an original Malone Pipe™ (MC1) for a leadpipe and a shallower mouthpiece receiver, we've achieved improved tone and response while providing the performer with optimal resistance characteristics. Malone Pipe™ is based on leadpipes designed by renowned brass instrument artisan Bob Malone, the Malone Pipe™ is available in several keys, offering quick response, superior intonation and unparalleled evenness of tone. Originally a trumpet player himself, Bob Malone opened his own custom brass shop in Los Angeles in 1983. Trumpeters flocked to his shop to have him personally customize their horns. His original leadpipe design has enjoyed wide acclaim and is still held in high regard among trumpet players. Since Bob joined Yamaha’s Research and Development team in 2001, his Malone Pipe™ design has made its way into a number of Xeno Artist models and Custom series instruments. Rich and brilliant tone with excellent projection, the Malone Pipe™ brings total expression to your music.

Improved response and ideal blowing resistance:-

Redesigned parts, such as lighter weight pistons and valve casing, a semi-square crook shaped tuning slide and water key spring, result in improved response and provide the performer with optimal resistance characteristics.

The first valve slide:-

The first valve slide features a special brace which gives a stronger focus to the core of the tone for unparalleled definition and clarity.

The 3rd valve slide stopper:-

The 3rd valve slide stopper has been moved to allow extended slide play for a low F or to facilitate alternative fingerings. The stopper button has been reduced to a standard-size to reduce weight and increase resonance.

Slide stopper:-

The slide stopper is used to prevent the trumpet slides from coming off the instrument. The slide stopper is made of silicone rubber, which does not discolour the instruments finish like regular rubber does. It can be left in place while playing. (Size: M, Length: 12 cm)


Prozone says: A serious C trumpet, possibly unrivaled. The older model still very much has its place for those concentrating on solo repertoire or players looking for a lighter orchestral sound but for those preferring to play a C trumpet in a heavy weight symphonic setting look no further than the new model. Another triumph from Yamaha and it's American design team. This isn't just a different model, it truly is a new improved version of what was already a very very fine instrument.

Case may have some cosmetic damage.


Heavy weight design
Bell Diameter - 123mm (4-7/8") One piece, yellow brass
Bore Size - 11.73 (0.462")
Bell Material - Yellow brass

RRP: £4768.80


WAS £4768.80

Yamaha Chicago C Trumpet 9445CHSE04 - Silver

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