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Yamaha YBB632 4 Valve BBb Tuba - Lacquer (Special Offer)


Yamaha YBB632 4 Valve BBb Tuba - Lacquer. Special Offer, in new condition with a small scuff on the case.

Neo series BBb basses with redesigned body and handrest allow for the most subtly nuanced dynamics and tonal inflections.

The Yamaha BBb basses are designed in co-operation with Simon Gresswell to meet the needs of all brass bands. The design incorporates a large 500mm diameter bell that keeps the sound focused and always clear. They deliver a rich tone and abundant volume that provides the ensemble with a solid and stable foundation.

Large Diameter Bell:- At 500mm, this is the largest bell among Yamaha BBb basses. Its size greatly improves dynamic range while delivering a stable sound that envelops the entire ensemble.

Bore Size:- The bore size offers freer blowing with a moderate amount of resistance.

Fourth Valve Position:- An ergonomically repositioned fourth valve offers improved playability and makes fast passages easier to play.

Repositioned First to Third Valves:- After a thorough evaluation of valve positioning, a new design promotes a more comfortable playing posture.

New Handrest Design:- The semi-circular shaped hand rest makes the instrument easier to hold and reduces fatigue when holding the instrument for long periods of time.

Leadpipe:- A new leadpipe taper offers improved resistance. Evaluating the angle of the mouthpiece led to a design that offers a more natural playing position.

Large Brace:- A larger brace plate on the bell section delivers a moderate amount of resistance.



3 top action valves +1 side action
500mm (19-1/2") yellow brass bell
Yellow brass body
Bb/F (Compensating system)

Key - Bb,
.504” bore
Rose brass leadpipe
8 3/8” yellow brass upright bell
Top spru


WAS £8601.60

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