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Yamaha YFL312 Flute


This upgrade model features benefits from the range of Yamaha professional flutes giving you the confidence to take your playing further. Designed for students moving on from the YFL212 or similar flutes, the YFL312 gives you the easy playability of the YFL212/272 but with a richer and warmer tone thanks to the solid silver head-joint

YFL312 312 YFL-312

  • Covered keys
  • Offset G key
  • Split-E Mechanism
  • C footjoint
  • Drawn & curled toneholes
  • Lip Plate: Silver-Plated Sterling Silver (Standard)
  • Headjoint: Silver-Plated Sterling Silver
  • Body: Silver-Plated Nickel Silver
  • Footjoint: Silver-Plated Nickel Silver
  • Rings, Posts & Ribs: Silver-Plated Nickel Silver
  • Keys: Silver-Plated Nickel Silver

RRP: £1419.60


Yamaha YFL312 Flute

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