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Yamaha YFL617 Flute


Yamaha YFL617 Flute Sterling silver head-joint, body and foot, nickel-silver keys. New Am head-joint, thicker wall, Straubinger Phoenix pads as standard which offer the same positive qualities as on the handmade flute range from Yamaha. The Straubinger™ pads offer softer touch, but also superior response, wide dynamic range and tolerance of environmental changes. On the 600 series flutes the thickness of the wall has been increased from 0.38mm to 0.43mm to improve balance for use with the new  Am headjoint and  the Straubinger Phoenix™ Pads.  Non touch keys feature pointed key arms similar to the traditional French flute style.


YFL617 617 YFL-617


WAS £4275.00

Yamaha YFL617 Flute

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