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Yamaha YTR2330 Trumpet - Lacquer

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The YTR2330 trumpet is the perfect starter instrument for students. The main focus for the design was on a light and easy to play trumpet with a great sound and perfect intonation. Yamaha design instruments with an emphasis on the ergonomics so that they offer beginners optimum support thereby greatly assisting learning, progress and creativity. To help create a lighter instrument, the YTR-2330 has been designed without a brace on the main tuning slide and benefits from the ideal thickness two-piece yellow brass bell. The monel alloy pistons are well known for their good, consistent action and minimise the need for maintenance. INCLUDES MOUTHPIECE AND VERY HIGH QUALITY GIG BAG OFFERING THE BEST POSSIBLE PROTECTION.


YTR2330 2330 YTR-2330


Bell Material-Two piece, Yellow brass
Bell Diameter-123mm (4-7/8")
Bore Size-ML 11.65mm (0.459")
Finish-Gold lacquer

While on work experience pro player Ben wrote a review of our three best selling student level trumpets. Here's what he said about the YTR2330;

Yamaha 2330

Case – A Small and sturdy gig bag. The best quality of case out of the three student trumpets as the price might suggest. The level of this case means that, despite it being a gig bag, I would not be concerned leaving it in a music store room or traveling with it.

Quality – The slides and valves feel smooth and move very easily which is a sure sign of quality.  The only thing to note is that there is an adjustable third valve slide. This can be useful for players with small hands, yet it does make the hold feel a little more flimsy and there is the possibility of loosing the finger hook. But, the whole trumpet feels exceptionally well manufactured as there is a high level of detail and certainly does not conform to the stereotypical student trumpet.

Playing – A bright tone once again synonymous with quality. Overall clearer across the whole range but especially in middle to high register. There is body to the note in the lower register, a good sign as this is where most players will spend their time at this level. The high caliber of sound can be maintained across all dynamic range and the note is easy to sustain allowing even inexperienced players to be able to show off contrast and colour.

Overall – A quality instrument boasting a striking sound and solid build quality. If budget is your priority then this may not be for you, however the extra money will pay dividends in the long term as the 2330 will last longer and can be used to a higher standard.


Read the full review here!


WAS £517.20

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