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Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone

Cutting-edge digital electronic meets decades of premium wind instrument know-how in an extraordinary new innovation from Yamaha. The YDS-150 digital saxophone combines an inspiring palette of sounds with expressive breath control and a host of features designed to make learning easy, including app connectivity and private headphone rehearsal.



The YDS-150 was designed to be a saxophone that would allow anyone to experience the joy of performing, anytime, anywhere. The groundbreaking new wind instrument retains the full expressiveness of the saxophone, yet unlike an acoustic saxophone it can be as quiet as you want, making it more convenient and easier to play.Yamaha’s patented Integrated Bell Acoustic System is a fusion of traditional saxophone design and advanced digital technologies that offers the uniquely rich sound of an acoustic saxophone while also allowing you to enjoy playing without regard for time orplace.Sound can be produced by simply blowing into the mouthpiece, while volume and tone can be carefully modulated using the intensity of the breath, resulting in a wind instrument which can cater to the expressive needs of both beginners andexperienced players alike.