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Schilke E3L4 Eb Trumpet - Silver

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Built in the key of Eb, the E3L-4 possesses a dark, full-bodied sound that blends well with other winds and has superior projection. The fourth valve adds a lower fourth to the trumpet’s range, making this the most versatile Eb trumpet available. The E3L-4 is ideal for larger ensemble and orchestral performance.

One-piece Yellow Brass Tuning Bell in Eb
Unsoldered Bead
#2 Bell Taper (Eb)
.450″ Medium Bore
Lightweight Design
1st slide saddle & 3rd slide ring


The Schilke E3L4 is an orchestral style Eb trumpet. The bigger bell and design produce a sound similar to a Bb or C trumpet. The additional 4th valve allows the player to access additional low notes down to pedal C. The combination of bigger sound and


Schilke E3L4 Eb Trumpet - Silver

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