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Phil Parker London Trumpet Mouthpiece


Brand new mouthpiece range from brass specialists, Phil Parker. These mouthpieces have been developed by Parker's experienced staff to make it easy for people to find a mouthpiece that ‘does what it says on the tin’. Made to the highest standards by a European manufacturer, quality controlled by Phil Parker's and supplied in a luxury leather pouch – all for only £79.00!

Four different sizes available for the varied styles required of the modern trumpeter! Lead, Studio, Soloist and Symphony.



Cup diameter - 16.26mm/0.64"
Cup volume/shape - Small with flat bottom
Backbore - Commercial
Rim Shape - Flat-Medium wide

Key Features; Flat rim spreads load across lips, medium sharp bite holds lip aiding stamina, slotting and security. Steep angle from rim to flat cup bottom reduces tendency to bottom out and creates a hot lead trumpet sound.

Comparison; Bach 7E, Schilke 13A4A, GR64Z*



Cup diameter - 16.5mm/0.65"
Cup volume/shape - Small, C cup
Backbore - Commercial
Rim shape - Medium wide

Key Features; Standard medium rim aids in flexibility whilst small cup volume give helps in the high register. An ideal all rounder for the lead/studio player who needs a great high register with increased flexibility for jazz solos and show work.

Comparison; Bach 5, Schilke 14A, GR65S



Cup diameter - 16.76mm/0.66"
Cup volume/shape - Medium C cup
Backbore - Standard
Rim shape - Medium

Key Features; The all rounder in the range. The Soloist is ideal for the player who requires one mouthpiece for all styles. Bright and responsive enough for big band playing yet big enough for symphony playing, film music and shows. Ideal chamber mouthpiece for Eb and C trumpet. Like a Bach 3C with more power!

Comparison - Bach 3D, Schilke 14B, GR66m



Cup diameter - 16.97mm/0.668"
Cup volume/shape - Medium large
Backbore - Symphonic, 24 throat
Rim shape - Medium

Key Features; The symphonic mouthpiece is desgined to appeal to players who like a Bach 1.5C & 1.25C. It is the diameter of a 1.5C but with a more rounded rim providing increased flexibility. Featuring a more open throat and backbore, it is the perfect classical and orchestral mouthpiece for comfort, endurance and sound quality.

Comparision; Bach 1.5C, Yamaha 17C4, GR66.8B


Phil Parker London Trumpet Mouthpiece

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