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Bremner Sshh Trumpet/Cornet Whisper Mute

ProZone Insight

The Whisper, currently available for Trumpet/Cornet, creates a professional and unique timbre to contribute to a player’s or brass section’s arsenal of instrument sounds. Durable, lightweight, and high-quality, the Whisper is the perfect mute for your on-stage quiet passages.

What’s different about a Whisper mute? This on-stage version of the acclaimed sshhmute allows more air to escape and thus more sound carries through. It is perfect for performing quiet passages when you really need stability & security and no worries about intonation.

It can still be used as a practice mute when near silence isn’t required.

We find this version of the Bremner practice mute louder and buzzier than the original Ssshhh mute. This is great for more accurate practice and longer practice sessions where volume is an issue.


Bremner Sshh Trumpet/Cornet Whisper Mute

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