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Schagerl Gansch-Horn


The Gansch-Horn rotary Bb trumpet by Schagerl. Specially designed with famous Austrian player Thomas Gansch this trumpet offers a rich, smooth sound. Each Gansch-Horn is hand made at the Schagerl factory in Austria and features a quality only found in custom workshops. The curved design of the bell is also likely to grab many peoples attention.

A truly unique and awesome trumpet from master craftsman Karl Schagerl. The Gansch-horn features rotary valves mounted vertically for a piston style action, through clever design the trumpet blends the best of both worlds, warmth and sonority at quiet dynamics yet brilliance and power at high dynamics. The unique bell shape gives it a very cool look.

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The Gansch-Horn comes in five different finishes;  Raw brass, brushed with clear lacquer, vintage finish with gold plated parts, silver plate and 24k gold plate on top of silver plate. Each Horn is hand made from start to finish ensuring absolute quality.

Heavyweight model available to order.


Schagerl Gansch-Horn

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