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Stork Vacchiano Trumpet Mouthpiece


Stork Vacchiano Trumpet Mouthpiece.

The Vacchiano Series of trumpet mouthpieces has been created to be easily adaptable to the needs of the individual player. There are 7 basic models available and each is available in four different cup depths.

The Vacchiano standard cup is a unique blend of both "C" shape and "V" shaped elements. Going from size to size does not necessarily mean that there will be more depth to the cup in terms of adding volume in a downwards direction. Rather, as in the difference between the "E" and the "D" cup, only the throat section is opened up, essentially "V-ing" out the bottom of the cup in more of a sideways shape. From the "D" cup to the "C" cup, both depth and a greater "V" profile in the throat is added. Whereas, from the "C" to the "B" cup, the throat only is opened increasing the overall "V" shaped profile.


D cup - Medium shallow - .667"/16.94mm

B cup - Deep - .690"/17.53mm

#1 - Similar to a Bach 1C, Schilke 17


Rim Width - 5.05 mm/.199'     

Inner Diameter - 17.50 mm/.688"    
Outer Diameter - 27.84 mm/1.096"

#2 - Similar to a Bach 1/1.5 C, Schilke 16, Yamaha 17C4    
Rim Width - 5.00 mm/.197"    
Inner Diameter - 17.00 mm/.669"    
Outer Diameter - 27.43 mm/1.080"

#3 - Similar to a Bach 3C, Schilke 13A4A, Yamaha 14A4A        

Rim Width - 5.00 mm/.197"    
Inner Diameter - 16.50 mm/.649"   
Outer Diameter - 27.23 mm/1.072"


Stork Vacchiano Trumpet Mouthpiece

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