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Bach L551 Commercial Trumpet Mouthpiece


A new range of trumpet mouthpieces from Vincent Bach, aimed at the commercial/lead style player. The L551 range has become increasingly popular with the high-note players!

The Commercial series was designed specifically for lead trumpet players looking for greater depth of sound and volume when playing in higher registers.

The Commercial series starts with a Classic cup, but uses a 27 throat, a 24 backbore and increases the outside mass. Commercial mouthpieces are only available in Shallow and Medium V shaped cups.

Vincent Bach was a rare combination of artist and engineer. He was constantly changing his mouthpiece designs until the mid 1960’s when they became more standardized.

The formalization of the 27 throat and backbore to cup letter (A=24, B=7, C= 10, etc.) created a standard for the mouthpiece making that is still used today. These standards are known today as the Classic Series.


Two different cup designs; Shallow (S) Cup or Modified (V) Cup
3S - 16.64mm cup
3MV - 16.87mm cup
5S - 16.31mm cup
5MV - 16.54mm cup
7S - 16.00mm cup
7MV - 16.23mm cup
10.5S - 15.11mm cup
10.5MV - 15.34mm cup
#56 Back Bore
#27 (.144”) Throat
Modified comfort rim with a fatter top
Rim sizes; 3/5/7/10.5


Bach L551 Commercial Trumpet Mouthpiece

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