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Nuvo jSax


The jSax has a traditional fingering system enabling newcomers to develop embouchure and tuning skills which are transferable to a full-size sax. Pitched in C (concert pitch), integration into classroom music making is very easy. The instrument has a full chromatic range from C4 to G5. The jSax is simple to clean with warm soapy water. There is no risk of water damage to the synthetic pads, simply allow the instrument to drip dry before putting away. Outfits are supplied with two synthetic reeds, strengths 1.5 and 2, great for getting started. Experienced players may prefer to use traditional Eb clarinet reeds. Outfits include molded case and carry strap. Each jSax is supplied in a sturdy case with o-ring grease, two reeds and optional key caps. A straight option kit is available at the cost of £15.

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Nuvo jSax

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